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Chiropractic care is guided by a philosophical approach that is in line with natural healing principles. Though chiropractic shares important similarities with other health professions, its holistic or total person approach to health and healing distinguishes it from the modern medical model. Two key concepts help define the chiropractic approach to health: 1) That your body can heal itself once impediments or barriers to health are removed or corrected and 2) That the mind-body relationship is crucial in supporting the healing process.

Chiropractors believe that structural health can best be achieved when proper joint and soft tissue alignment is restored throughout your body. Your relationship with the natural world - how you move, how your environment causes you to move (or not move) - is a primary concern for a chiropractor.

Chiropractors are known for their desire to intervene in the disease process as early as possible to ensure beneficial health outcomes. Chiropractors are also known for their proactive disease prevention strategies, which help ensure that common musculoskeletal health problems never develop. A published 2004 survey of chiropractors and chiropractic students in the United States showed that a significant proportion believed in a positive attitude about preventive health services, especially physical activity and diet. Another survey published the same time stated that chiropractors, as a group, have a keen interest in providing their patients with health information that extends beyond spinal health.

A chiropractor is interested in understanding the true cause of your illness or problem in order to permanently resolve it. Chiropractors perform therapeutic measures - spinal adjustments, soft tissue work, functional exercise prescription - that have the dual effect of eliminating your pain, discomfort or other symptoms and chiropractors will ask you relevant questions about each of these factors to determine your unique treatment needs and he or she will counsel you on the ways that you can best achieve long term health success.

Chiropractors may use specific outcome measures, including surveys, range of motion assessments and functional tests, to objectively track or document your recovery progress. These outcome markers help chiropractors understand what methods are working and what methods need to be altered to help speed your return to health. The use of relevant outcome measures is part of an evidence-based approach to health care. According to a 2001 article published in the journal Spine, evidence-based care, over the long term, improves treatment outcomes in patients with acute low back pain and reduces the time these patients experience pain or discomfort.

Chiropractic care is a patient centered, hands-on healing approach that improves your musculoskeletal health and function by manipulating - gently and purposefully - affected structures or areas in your body. The very nature of chiropractic care creates an intimate healing environment that fosters healthy dialogue between patient and practitioner. Chiropractors will use this environment and the time he or she has with you to learn more about your specific health situation and concerns. correcting the processes and circumstances that caused or contributed to your injury or condition. In this way, chiropractic care sets itself apart from contemporary medical practices, which often rely on drugs to temporarily mask symptoms.

Many patients have turned to chiropractic care for a more natural approach to health problems and to avoid surgery when possible. Chiropractic care emphasizes rehabilitation and recuperation instead of surgical interventions and many chiropractic patients have experienced treatment outcomes that equal or exceed the treatment outcomes expected from surgery for their specific problem. This is not to say that chiropractors will not recommend surgery in some cases. According to a 2007 study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, most chiropractors agree that conventional medical approaches - pharmaceuticals and surgery - are helpful when used appropriately and that many chiropractors successfully collaborate with medical doctors as part of a health care team.

Chiropractors have a fundamental appreciation for the various factors that can affect your health and how these factors can interact with each other to complicate your health and ability to heal. The two key factors that your chiropractor considers when creating your treatment plan are environment and lifestyle.

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