Success Stories

We literally see life changing miracles on a daily basis. We encourage you to watch and read through some of our success stories below to get a sense of what Chiropractic is all about!

"Heart burn more headaches..." - Brandon S.

"Neck and Low back pain gone!" - Cameron A.

"No more allergies...I'm not sick like I used to be..." - Cheri L.

"I appreciate Dr. Wong's touch..." - Chris G.

"I had excruciating low back pain..." - Rattana S.

"I sleep better and feel healthier..." - Celeste H.

"I noticed a tremendous difference..." - Alex A.

"I felt results immediately..." Corrine B.

"Pain in base of my skull gone...!" - Debbie S.

"I no longer suffer from headaches..." - Gladys G.

"I noticed results in the first few visits..." - Jim T.

" back isn't as sore..." - Kimberly T.

"I was in so much kids called me grumpy" - Ligaya A.

"I feel more energy and less tension..." - Manle T.

"I feel a lot less stress and tension..." - Maymie H.

"My overall health is vastly improved..." - Megan N.

"I feel brand new!" - Michael M.

"I've noticed vast improvements in my lower back..." - Michael T.

"I feel 300% better with no pain!" - Ray D.

"Chiropractic could change your life..." - Serena M.

"My shoulders feel 100% better..." - Steven S.

And there's more...!!


I have always been very active. My life as a personal trainer is very demanding and I was always able to keep up with the intensity. In Jan 2003, I noticed my hip was bothering me. Over time it got worse and my entire right side decided to act up on me. I found it trying to even make it through a regular day of work. In 2004, a friend referred me to Dr. Wong. I am committed to my health and so is he. After a few weeks, my hip and right side felt much better. Over the course of a few months, my dedication to Chiropractic really made a huge change in my overall energy. Working as a personal trainer was my passion and it was revitalized. I’ve never felt better and my personal run/race times have never been faster! – Rhonda N.


A couple of years ago, I met Dr. Wong and he told me all about Chiropractic care. After a couple of weeks, I made a visit to his office. After being spoken to about Chiropractic care, I still did not understand it. He then showed me x-rays and scans of my back but still I did not have a clue. It was when I was involved and adjusted that I started to understand. I’m glad Dr. Wong has educated me about Chiropractic care. After several car accidents, I was suffering from severe neck and back pains. After months of patient adjustments by Dr. Wong, my body started to heal itself. Now I live a healthier, stress less and fun life. Give Chiropractic care a chance; it will surely change your life. – Fletcher P.


I decided to see a chiropractor on a whim and I haven’t regretted the decision. I had a migraine, again, and saw Dr. Wong’s advertisement. So, I thought, "what the heck, I’ve had a migraine for three days, my prescriptions aren’t really helping and I can’t concentrate in class or relax at home." The migraines had gradually become more frequent since I had started law school. By the end of the fall 2004 semester, I was having migraines at least 4-5 times a week, as well as back pain that kept me from being able to stand up straight. I am a little skeptical by nature but the material that Dr. Wong gave me made sense. I felt an immediate release of pressure in my neck after my first adjustment. For the last six months, I have had some very good days, and some very sore days following the adjustments but I have only had 2 migraines this spring semester and can work an 8 hour shift without a problem. Beyond the lack of symptoms, I feel better and healthier than I have in a long time. - Elisabeth M.


I first met Dr. Wong after participating in a health survey at the gym. At the time, I was experiencing headaches, shoulder pain, back pain, leg pain, and just about every kind of body pain you could think of. A nerve scan was conducted and it showed interference to all those areas I described. I immediately scheduled an appointment to see Dr. Wong and came in for a complete evaluation and x-rays. Dr. Wong then explained to me what a “subluxation” was and that it was putting pressure on my nerves therefore affecting their function and communication to different parts of the body. I realized at that moment my wellbeing was more important than money. I have now been under chiropractic care for nine months and I’m feeling better than I have in a long time. I believe Chiropractic care goes hand in hand with exercising at the gym and my flexibility and posture have also improved as a result. – Elenita P.


Before I started going to see Dr. Wong, I suffered from chronic lower back pain, chronic upper back pain, and I would get about six sinus infections a year. It started affecting every part of my life. I couldn't sit down for more than ten minutes without being in excruciating pain. I couldn't do simple things like cook or wash the dishes without getting a burning pain in my back. I also would get these excruciating sinus infections. I would have to go to the doctor every few weeks during the winter months. Ever since that first visit with Dr. Wong, my life has improved drastically. I haven't been sick in over a year. I also have much improvement with the back pain. I can sit down at a computer now and do an extended amount of work. I can also do the simple things again and my life is mine again. Dr. Wong explained to me that this is not a cure but that this is a lifestyle change and a process designed to correct a vital part of our precious bodies. This philosophy works and I am very thankful that I took the first step into a life changing process. - Carlos C.


I began treatment with Dr. Wong at the bequest of my mother. I, like many of you, had no perceptible injury or specific discomfort. I thought my spine was in great shape and in no need of repair. On my first day, Dr. Wong took x-rays and performed a few other quantitative tests which made a very compelling argument for treatment. The x-rays showed my lumbar spine had a side to side S-curve in it which was causing a 25 pound increase in weight on my left leg standing. I am currently in treatment for Chondromalaicia Patella of my left knee, a condition I probably could have avoided with chiropractic adjustments when the injury occurred. Remember, I had no symptoms to direct medical doctors to check my back. Dr. Wong was the only one who caught it and only a chiropractor can fix it without surgery. I have seen a great number of improvements in the past year. I sleep more soundly. I think more clearly. I move more easily. I live more fully. Everyone should at least give it a try. Symptoms or not, chiropractic is for everyone. - Tim G.


I don't have a dramatic tale to tell, however, I know that drama is not necessary for me to praise the benefits of chiropractic. I came to Dr. Wong after "throwing out my back." The injury healed itself quickly due to Dr. Wong's concern and adjustments. I have been coming regularly ever since that time, including during my pregnancy. I believe that chiropractic keeps my energy level high and helps prevent sickness as well as any other episodes of "throwing out my back." Greater Life Family Chiropractic is full of positive energy and healing - a wonderful place to be. - Michelle C.


When I first came into the office, I was getting headaches at least 2 times a day. I took 2 Advil every day. I knew chiropractic care would help me because I had gone to one in the past and it helped me a lot. Chiropractic care had changed my life dramatically. I don't take Advil anymore because I don't get the headaches at all, unless I go without care. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Wong. He cares more about the person and how to help them with their needs. I continue to receive care from Dr. Wong even though it's a long drive for me because of his professionalism and knowledge. - Michael D.


I started coming to Dr. Wong a little over 3 months ago. I didn't realize the bad shape I was in until I saw my x-rays. Things started to make sense to me and why my head hurt all the time. I also had problems with my jaw. There were a lot of times I couldn't chew food because the pain in my jaw and teeth were so bad. Pain medicine didn't work, and it scared me to take it. I know it's not a cure, it just covers up the problem. I also had problems with tingling in my hands and legs, and sometimes my toes would go numb. In the first week of adjustments, I totally could feel a difference in my body. I don't get the headaches anymore. I have not had the problem with my jaw and teeth. It is so nice to eat and chew normal again. I wish I would have known about chiropractic care years ago. My neck is almost in phase 4 but with Dr. Wong's care, knowledge and compassion, I won't get any worse. I have never been to a doctor with so much passion and dedication to his work and his patients. I will forever be grateful. - Karen L.


Prior to meeting Dr. Wong and receiving chiropractic care, i spent over four years with everyday back pain. I thought it would be something that I would live with forever. I also dealt with I.B.S., depression, and just spent a lot of time at the general practitioner's office and taking tons of medication. After two months of adjustments from Dr. Wong, I finally had a day with no back pain. It has been that way ever since. Not only that, I do not have the problems with I.B.S. or depression AND I do not take any medication. I am simply amazed at the results. It's been four months now. Chiropractic care is more than relieving pain; it is care to maintain your overall health. Dr. Wong has educated me which most medical doctors don't do.

My two sons who are five and seven also see Dr. Wong. These little guys both had ear infections all the time, digestive problems and bladder control issues. Both boys still had to wear pull-ups at night when they first started chiropractic care. After about two months, both no longer need them. There are no accidents at night either. My five year old woke up one night with ear pain - first reaction was to run to the E.R. and give meds. Instead, I called Anna to see if my son maybe needed an adjustment. Dr. Wong came to the office on his day off to adjust my son and he had instant relief. NOmedicine. No 10 days of trying to get that pink stuff down my son's throat. From that day on, I knew chiropractic care is the only medicine my family needs. Dr. Wong and Anna don't just take care of our physical well being, it also pours over into our emotional well being. They truly care and you feel that when you walk through the door. Chiropractic care has changed my life and my kids lives for the better. I do recommend it to everyone I know and meet. - Jana M.


I have had lumbar back surgery to remove the loose gel from my L4/L5 disc which had died. My L5/S1 disc was starting to give me symptoms of the same condition. My x-rays showed 2 other areas in my back and neck. It was difficult to believe in the chiropractic methods. Dr. Wong made me a deal I could not refuse. My back and neck has started to respond after months of when I was unsure if anything was improving. I feel good walking out of the office. The feeling in my back/neck continues to be good. Dr. Wong has shown me he knows how to do his job like an artist of world caliber. - Shawn S.


I had participated in the 6 week pain clinic that my HMO doc sent me to. Biofeedback and relaxation, massage, and pain meds left me with a level of pain they thought that I would have to live with. My sister came for a visit and informed me it wasn't good enough, that I should see a chiropractor. My initial exam cause pain ( as did work, sleeping, breathing, etc) but I gave it a shot. 3 months later, I am having much less pain (though I understand that is not a clear indicator of a subluxation), better sleep (from 2-3 hours up to 6-7), and have started taking part in life again (hiking, travel.) I am so fortunate to have someone in my life with sense to tell me to go to the chiropractor. I can't put a price on how much better I feel. Now I tell the people I care about to see the chiropractor. - Rebecca H.


My health wasn't very good; I was having problems with my left knee and the same with my left hip. I couldn't go up and down the stairs and walk far. Since I started seeing Dr. Wong, my health has been getting better. Since my second adjustment, my knee and hip stopped hurting and I feel more active, with more energy and happiness. I was that kind of person who didn't believe in chiropractors but now I have a different opinion that I would like to recommend to others. Thank you Dr. Wong for making me believe in chiropractic. - Vicky M.

p.s. I have only been seeing Dr. Wong for 4 months.


I responded to chiropractic care very well. I had received it in the past. Nevertheless, not to this level. My having chiropractic care has saved my life in more ways than one. With the aide of chiropractic, I can continue to work. Without this care, my everyday functions would be poor. I would tell anyone and everyone to have chiropractic care. You don't need drugs or surgery. Chiropractic care will help you because the body heals from within. Thank you Dr. Wong for your help and sharing your knowledge. - Ruby M.